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Sarah grew up in a dog show family, always Australian Shepherds, and instantly developed an obsession & passion for the grooming aspect that was a part of showing dogs.  In high school, Sarah was offered a position to apprentice with a phenomenal groomer & dog show friend, where she quickly honed her skills.  Nearly 18 years later, the passion for grooming still exists.  Sarah is highly skilled with all-breeds & the various types of mixes.

Sarah & her husband Krist have 2 children, Henry & Ida.  They share their home with 6 Australian Shepherds.


Ashley began her dog involvement as a young child through 4-H.  There, she met Sarah & Sarah's mom, who took her under their wing and helped her evolve into an exceptional trainer & exhibitor, fueling a passion for Australian Shepherds.  Ashley began her dog grooming career as a bather for 2 years while in high school, after which she apprenticed & became a talented groomer.  Nearing her 17th year, Ashley is highly skilled with all-breeds & mixes.

Ashley & her husband Jason have 2 daughters, Claire & Colette.

They share their home with 6 Australian Shepherds,

1 cat & a collection of chickens.

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